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About Us

Through funding from the Mental Health Services Act and in partnership with the Department of Developmental Services we have created a FREE evidence based curriculum that is designed to teach people with  developmental disabilities (DD) about how to develop healthy and meaningful relationships while also giving them information about sexual abuse and coercion.

Our Mission

Our mission is to reduce risk factors associated with sexual abuse and to increase protective factors of prosocial behaviors.

Our Goals

  • Reduce rates of depression, anxiety, and trauma that is associated with inability to access relationships and exposure to sexual exploitation
  • Empower people with Developmental Disabilities (DD) to enter into consensual relationships of their choosing
  • Educate people with DD about their bodies, laws regarding consent, and social norms 
  • Empower people with DD to identify signs of abuse and coercion
  • Reduce abuse perpetrated against people with DD
  • Reduce the expression of inappropriate social-sexual behavior by people with DD in the community
  • Keep people with DD in the least restrictive community settings as possible

Video: Breaking News

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